Welcome all

Last thought?

You have gather here today in the deaths of your memories you must face a journey (whichever way it may lead) to obtain said memories back.

You have been told the rules and the background of the game. However, below I will repeat the said rules and background.




When you are born you do not get to choose your race.

The path laid ahead of you is going to be a rough journey

You will make friends and new memories don't fret about the ones you lost

You will start out on a ship as slaves. How you got there? Who knows.

Your memory has been erased.

Either you volunteered to pay off your debt. You were kidnapped. Or you just woke up in the wrong

place and have no clue of how you got there in the first place.

The game will start with you on a ship being headed an port to be depvered. Your gear that you had with you will be locked up.